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Complaint #16: Mr van Niekerk

Complainee: Kone Australia
Ref: N/A
Date Lodged: 04 Mar 2014 2:00:06
Got caught in one of the Kone lifts in a 2 story apartment block. Called for help. KONE had a repair person turn up within a half hour. Then repaired the lift (over weight with boxes). The bill for the maximum 1 hour call out was $750!!

I called and wrote to them asking to justify the bill for the time spent - just said that what the cost is. No options or choice. Had to pay.

Customers have no choice but to call for help - they have a monopoly as their is only one number to their call centre - thus have got you cornered and charge what ever they like!

Not happy!!

Complainant: vrkmlq

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