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Complaint #19: OAP robbed

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Date Lodged: 15 Sep 2015 10:23:54
Date Modified: 15 Sep 2015 10:30:18
I went online to find a local plumber in my area Pevensey East Sussex. The Local Plumbers came up, this is a misleading advert, when I gave my postal code (if they were honest) they would have directed me away from them. The Plumber arrived, looked at the shower job to be done and said he would put in a quote, at this stage I was still unaware, I then asked him while he is here to put a new kitchen tap on WHICH I SUPPLIED he proceeded to change the tap, I then were presented with a RIP OFF bill of £225.00, on checking the Invoice (document) I was shocked to see that the charge was £62.50 per HALF HOUR. He was here for 45mins. This is scandalous no doubt, a complete rip off . AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS. HOME SERVICE DIRECT LTD. ARE SHARKS. This rip off is not going away it will be followed through.
Complainant: Ripped Off

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Date Added: 07 Aug 2017 5:23:03

I used Home Services Direct for a local plumber. He not only charged a fortune he also broke what was working before he carried out the work and left it broken. He also left a terrible mess and left without a word at the end of the job. Contacted the company but they won't do anything. DO NOT USE THIS CALL CENTRE-not local and a rip off!

Name: Hilary Fellows

Town: Gosport

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